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Why Ventria Bioscience?

Ventria Bioscience is a privately held bio-pharmaceutical company with a product pipeline enabled by ExpressTec. ExpressTec is a patented, plant-based recombinant protein manufacturing technology that delivers a ten-fold higher recombinant protein yield than other plant-based systems.
Ventria Bioscience platform technology delivers meaningful and sustainable economic advantages by enabling new product opportunities that were not previously available. It can be used to develop new bio-therapeutics, novel vaccines, reagents for bio-manufacturing, and industrial and bio-fuel enzymes.

Ventria Bioscience internal Therapeutic Pipeline includes new human therapeutic products and vaccines for controlling zoonotic disease. Ventria Bioscience also provides access to its platform technology through contract manufacturing services. Ventria Bioscience has an extensive intellectual property portfolio of more than 100 issued patents, exclusive licenses to issued patents, and patents in prosecution. These patents provide long-term sustainable advantage to Ventria Bioscience's manufacturing technology and product portfolio.

Job Description:

As a Bioproduction Operator you will be responsible for following standard operating procedures and operating the bio-process with efficiency. Applicant must have an exacting attention to detail and ability to maintain accurate batch records according to QMS procedures. It is preferred that the applicant have a basic understanding of biochemistry parameters (pH, temperature, batch time, mechanical stress, pressure, ionic strength, etc.) to control the process and generate a high-quality product. The Bioproduction Operator must have the ability to anticipate potential problems that may arise downstream and communicate effectively with others to avoid production problems during operations and at shift-change meetings. The Bioproduction Operator will work alongside other operators, shift supervisors and production manager to achieve production targets: safety; quality; quantity; and maintenance. Identifies opportunities for process improvements and works effectively with team members to review and implement improvements. A willingness and ability to work overtime and night-shift if required.

Job Title:

Administrative & Customer Service Associate


Junction City, KS



Job Qualifications

Must be comfortable working in a production environment, including night-shift. Should have the physical ability to lift 50 lbs with ease and be able to work in an environment with processing fluids during extraction. Prior educational or work experience such as brewing, ethanol production, wheat, soy or corn milling, food processing or related disciplines is a plus.

Roles & Expectations

Cleaning and Maintenance
Ensure all bio-process equipment and processing environment is clean, free of microbial and foreign contamination, and well-maintained according to the appropriate maintenance and cleaning schedules. Perform routine cleaning and maintenance as required. 

Safety Role Model
Operates equipment in a safe manner to self and others. Serves as an excellent example of safety to fellow colleagues. Provides constructive feedback to others and maintain safety standards. Regularly attend safety meetings and applies policies.

Team Member
A flag carrier for the Ventria Bioscience culture by “walking the talk” and fostering innovation, intellect, high performance, teamwork, integrity, commitment, and respect. Set High expectations for self and others. Live by Ventria’s Vision and Guiding Principles and Employee Handbook. Constructively Challenges and “acts like an owner”.

How to Apply:

Please submit resume to
Closing Date: March 31, 2019