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Kansas BLS Data:

BLS Data Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics (2017); Mean Wages of selected occupation in Kansas. Manhatan Tech does not guarantee the below wages.

Employment Number in Kansas: Average Mean Kansas Wage:
10,610 $35,520

Learning Outcomes

Goal #1:
  1. Students will have the knowledge and skills to operate manual and power tools used in residential construction including skill, reciprocating, table and concrete saws, hammer drills, drills, and air guns.
  2. Students will be familiar with forming systems used in concrete construction.
  3. Students will be familiar with and have practiced job site safety requirements.
Goal #2:
  1. Students will be introduced to basic blueprint reading.
  2. Students will be introduced to International and local building codes and how those standards apply to residential construction.
  3. Students will also be made aware that changes may occur to building codes over time and that those changes must be monitored and adhered to.
Goal #3:
  1. Students will apply problem-solving skills creatively and critically when faced with unforeseen construction dilemmas.
  2. Students will be able to use math skills to square a foundation and calculate rafter lengths
Goal #4:
  1. Students will communicate with instructor, as they should with future employer by notifying instructor of absences.
  2. Students will work as a team member to complete worksite projects.
  3. Students will display a positive attitude toward the profession.

Certification Opportunities

  • Technical Certificate
  • OSHA-10 Hour course for the Construction Industry

Career Opportunities

  • Residential Carpenter
  • Construction Forms Helper
  • Carpenter Helper
  • Rough Carpenter
  • Residential Site Layout Assistant
  • Residential Roofer