Clinical Lab Technician

City: Salina

State: Kansas

Post date: May 16, 2022

Schedule: Full-Time

Company Name: Salina Family Healthcare Center

Job Description

Provides Laboratory services and follows and helps maintain CLIA & OSHA requirements and safety compliance. Assists in the delivery of primary health care and patient care management under the supervision of physician.


Degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences or a directly-related field required. Prior experience in a medical office, laboratory and/or x-ray department preferred.  

Job Responsibilities

Essential Duties

  1. Performs laboratory controls and required daily, weekly and monthly maintenance on the following laboratory equipment:  Sysmex XS1000i, CA-600, Tosoh G8, Cepheid, Dimension EXL Chemistry Analyzer, Triage BNP, Lead Care II and Clinitek Status
  2. Perform and document maintenance on Millipore system.
  3. Perform controls on all in-house test kits.
  4. Perform technical testing on laboratory equipment and test kits under supervision of technical staff and supervisor.
  5. May perform microscopic analysis on urines, wet-mounts, pinworms, ferning and skin scrapings for fugal elements.
  6. Help maintain laboratory records and logs (temperature, humidity, maintenance, etc.).
  7. Prepare outgoing tests for reference laboratory.
  8. May assist with proficiency testing and the reporting of proficiency testing results.
  9. May assist with Draw Station when needed.
  10. Collect laboratory specimens by performing venipunctures or finger sticks on patients.  May assist nursing staff or physicians in collection of other specimens for testing.
  11. Provide direction and supervision to draw room staff.
  12. Educate patients and nursing staff on correct methods of specimen collection.
  13. Ensure that providers review laboratory results by appropriately routing patient test results thru Laboratory Information System.
  14. Communicate in a professional and courteous manner with patients, family and other medical personnel as necessary to obtain information, explain testing or procedures, clarify orders and communicate status.
  15. Assist with research and collection of data, prepare reports and compile statistics as requested.
  16. Assist with the processing and billing of laboratory tests.
  17. Suggest and help implement and maintain laboratory policies and procedures and make recommendations for improvement.
  18. Help maintain departmental goals and objectives.
  19. Attend required meetings and participate in committees as requested.
  20. Participate in professional development activities and continuing education as required.
  21. Maintain confidentiality of patient’s medical records.
  22. Perform Retinal Scans
  23. Perform x-ray exams on patients as requested by physicians.
  24. Maintain digital x-ray equipment as needed.
  25. Release x-ray films and digital images to other physicians and clinics.
  26. Order supplies as needed.
  27. Help maintain Dosimeter badges for X-ray staff.
  28. Assure that X-ray images have been sent through the PACS system to the radiologist at Mowery Clinic.
  29. Assure that images have been read and that transcription has come back from the radiologist.
  30. Assure that dictation and transcription are performed in a timely manner.
  31. Help maintain departmental goals. 
  32. Perform other duties as assigned or requested.


$19.50 - 21.15\hour

How to Apply

Please apply online at the application link. You may also submit your resume to 

Closing Date

December 1, 2022