Adult Education

Elsa Valarezo

ESL Instructor

Elsa Valarezo de Ireton is originally from Ecuador in South America. She started learning English at the age of 13, and hasn’t stopped ever since. Elsa has a B.A. in Languages and Linguistics from Universidad de Guayaquil, in Ecuador. She has worked as an English as a Foreign Language instructor in K-12 as for adults. In 2014, she was part of the “Go Teacher” scholarship program in K-State, where she completed her Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction in English as a Foreign Language. Elsa is a passionate ESL teacher, interpreter and translator, and speaks Spanish, English and French (and bits and pieces of Italian and German). She has also volunteered for the Manhattan Public Library and the initiative “Everybody Counts” in Manhattan. In her free time, Elsa and her husband Dan work out, practice European sword fighting (HEMA), play board games, travel and go to concerts.


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