Electronics Assembler - Mid Continent Controls Inc.

Job Description:

  • Reports directly to the Production Manager.
  • Responsible for soldering fine pitch surface mount components
  • Hand soldering components
  • Inspecting boards for minor faults and correcting problems such as solder balls, solder bridges, inadequate solder, and incorrect device orientation.
  • Performs minor repair work as needed 
  • Experienced with cutting, stripping, tinning and crimping wire and pins.
  • Maintains accurate documentation 

Job Title:

Electronics Assembler


Derby, KS



Job Qualifications:

Below are skills representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required:

  • Daily attendance and on time
  • Recognizes component types, values and correct orientation
  • Hand soldering of surface mount and through hole devices
  • Prepares and solders wire connections, surface mount and through hole shorts
  • Possess good understanding of IPC610 and J-STD-001 (preferred)
  • Experienced with using microscopes to visually inspect the work performed(preferred)
  • Experienced with reading schematics (preferred)
  • Experienced with reading drawings (preferred)
  • Experienced with using basic hand tools and rulers/scales (preferred)
  • Experienced using calipers (preferred)
  • Experienced with using manufacturing work instructions and visual aids (preferred)
  • Must complete, and show proficiency on all basic assembler’s training tasks, as outlined on the Production training checklist, within 90 days after hire
  • Available for overtime as needed

How to Apply:

To Apply complete an application at https://www.ziprecruiter.com/jobs/mid-continent-controls-00cf39bf/electr...

Application Closing Date: April 30, 2019