Academic Databases & Student Resources

The Teaching & Learning Center offers several options for students to conduct research.  These options include program-specific and general education research databases.  Some of these resources are available on-campus only.  

The Teaching & Learning Center also holds a collection of books and videos.  These are searchable in the Manhattan Tech Book Catalog and can be checked out from the TLC.   

Book & Video Catalog

Manhattan Tech Book Catalog:  Student Search
Automotive:  On-campus Access Only
Dental Hygiene
Nursing & Allied Health
Kansas State Library Databases

UniversalClass - Over 500 online non-credit continuing education courses.  Most courses offer the opportunity to earn CEUs.  

LearningExpress Library - EBSCO LearningExpress Library provides you with easy-to-use access to relevant interactive tutorials, e-books, and test preparation.  

A Kansas Library eCard is needed to access these resources. 

If you would like a Kansas Library eCard, please contact the TLC Coordinator.  For more information, please visit the Kansas State Library.
View the Database Info Sheet for information and descriptions of the available databases.
Student Study Planning

Student Study Plan - The purpose of a Student Study Plan is for you to make the most of your available study time, plan out the type of study activities you can complete, and prepare for upcoming assignments and exams. 

A Student Study Plan is a personal guide that each student can build and customize.  They are not static and may need to be adjusted to you throughout the academic year. 

The TLC is here to help you build your plan.  Below are some important pieces that make up any successful Student Study Plan.   Please stop in and talk with Darren today about building your plan. 

Learning Styles - We believe that each person learns differently.  For a student, understanding how you learn most effectively can be the difference between academic success and failure. 

Vark-Learn - The Vark-Learn website contains an online questionnaire along with several resources about how to support your learning style. 

Learning Styles Inventory - This quick assessment is a fillable, printable form.  It would make a terrific group assessment or class project.      

Use these tools to assess how you should approach both classroom learning and your academic studying.  Stop in and talk with Darren to get help with your learning styles inventory.

Student Weekly Schedule - Part of any successful Student Study Plan is setting a weekly schedule.  A weekly schedule can help student's organize and structure their time.  It is a tool to help maximize the time you have available to study, complete assignments, and prepare for exams.

You can download and print a simple weekly schedule here: Student Weekly Schedule. 

Weekly School Planner - After completing your weekly schedule, you can build a more detailed plan using a school planner.  The Teaching & Learning Center has planners which are FREE to all students.  Stop in, pick up a planner, and talk with Darren about how to use it with your study plan. 

Notebooks - We also have FREE notebooks available to all students in two unique note-taking styles, mapping and table.  These are also important when it comes to organizing class and lecture material for your study plan. 


planner cover

Exam Prep Tips - Don't let exams or finals sneak up on you.  Use some of these helpful hints to stay ahead of the game. 

You will need a PDF viewer to view, download, or print this document. 

Academic Resources

Grammarly - Grammarly is a program that checks for grammatical errors, provides vocabulary enhancement suggestions, gives citation suggestions, and has a built-in plagiarism checker.

If you would like free access to Grammarly for an academic semester, or if you need assistance, contact the TLC at    

Bookshare - Bookshare is a large online library for people with visual or print disabilities.  They have a large collection of textbooks available for use on computers, Chromebooks, tablets, smartphones, assistive technology devices, and more.  You must qualify through Student Retention to use Bookshare.  You can find more information about who qualifies here.  If you have questions about using this resource, contact the TLC at  

Math Reviews - These reviews are available to help you with the preparation of your ACCUPLACER assessment or med math assessment.  They can also be a way to keep your skills sharp between semesters.

You will need a PDF viewer to view, download, or print these documents. - Improve your typing and keyboarding skills with this free web resource.  This resource is 100% free, tracks progress, and includes a complete course.  Just create a student account and begin your free lessons.
Resume Templates & Professional Letters
Electric Power & Dist. Resume Automotive Technology Resume
HVAC/R Resume Construction Technology Resume
Welding Technology Resume Nursing Resume
Trade Industry Professional Letters  Healthcare Industry Professional Letters
Canvas Student Assistance
Canvas Student Guide - Comprehensive "How to" for students using Canvas.
Canvas Community - Students can find answers, share ideas, and join groups.

If you need assistance with a database or one of these resources, please contact the TLC at