Strategic Plan

Manhattan Tech is currently operating under its 2013 – 2017 (5-year) strategic plan. This strategic plan is, in essence, a framework detailing the means to be used to accomplish the institutional ends set out by the Board of Directors. Ends statements address what benefit will come to pass for whom, and the worth or cost of that benefit. These statements of purpose embody the Board's vision and, thus, are the organization's raison d’être, and it is the responsibility of the College’s President to attain those ends.

Six areas of the College are targeted in the strategic plan: Growth, Quality Education, Image, Funding, Facilities, and Human Resources. In each target area there are two or more strategic goals, for a total of 17 in the plan. Under each strategic goal there are objectives, and under each a series of tasks for accomplishing the objective. Responsibility for the objectives is delegated to an administrator or a senior staff member. The tasks are laid out in a sequential fashion and each has a target completion date. Therefore, timely completion of tasks results in accomplishing the objectives and, subsequently, goal attainment.

Since the strategic plan is a dynamic document, input regarding the strategic plan is solicited on a regular basis from all areas of the College. A meeting is held annually in the spring to examine the plan in its entirety. Since all personnel are impacted by the plan, attendees at that meeting represent a cross section of faculty, staff, and administration. Manhattan Tech’s Strategic Planning Committee is charged with the ongoing task of monitoring the content of and progress on the plan. A quarterly report is presented to the Board of Directors based on the committee’s findings.