Economic Impact Report

The purpose of this report is to lend support to a request from the Manhattan Area Technical College (MATC) for partial funding of a new technical education center on the MATC campus. The facility is projected to cost a total of $16.3 million and the MATC is requesting that the City of Manhattan provide $1.3 million of the cost based upon the projected sales tax and city utility revenues that the new MATC staff employees and graduates of the technical programs could produce for the city.

2023-2024 Private Scholarship Notification Form

This form is necessary for students receiving private scholarships from sources outside of Manhattan Tech.

private scholarship notification Form

Emergency Medical Sciences Coordinator

Closing Date: Open until filled

Part-Time Adult Education ESL Instructor

Closing Date: Open until filled

Thanks student! Your application has been submitted.

Your application has been progressed to the counselor at your local high school to verify information.

If you have any questions in the interim, you can reach out at the contact information provided or refer to the High School Student webpage.

Enrollment Step Workflow

Program Advisory Committees

Each program of study will have a Program Advisory Committee (PAC) or Business and Industry Leadership Team (BILT) to advise program faculty and administration concerning curriculum, student learning outcomes, facilities, instruction methods, equipment, enrollment, job opportunities, and other issues critical to the quality and success of technical education. The PAC/BILT role is to critically appraise and ultimately endorse strategic action plans. 

Role and Purpose