Tools & Supplies

Some academic programs require you to have equipment, tools, supplies, and uniforms on the first day of class. Other programs have compiled a tool kit that are required for the students to purchase that will be attending those programs. The tool kits and supplies will be avaliable on program orientaion day. On program orientation day students will be required to submit a non-refundable seat deposit. Refer below for seat deposit and tool requirements for each program.

Programs that Provide Tool Kits

Program Non-Refundable Seat Deposit Tool Kit Provider Books
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration $350.00 Tech Source Tools eCampus
Automotive Technology $500.00 MAC Tools eCampus
Construction Technology $50.00 TBD eCampus
Electric Power & Distribution $500.00 Anixter, Inc eCampus
Welding $250.00 Matheson eCampus

Programs with Tool Lists

Program Tool Information Books
Associate Degree of Nursing Information supplied at program orientation eCampus
Business Administration N/A eCampus
Information & Network Technology Tool List for 2018-2019 eCampus
Medical Laboratory Technology Information supplied at summer program orientation eCampus
Practical Nursing Information supplied at summer program orientation eCampus