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Kansas BLS Data:

BLS Data Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics (2017); Mean Wages of selected occupation in Kansas. Manhatan Tech does not guarantee the below wages.

Employment Number in Kansas: Average Mean Kansas Wage:
5,600 $43,180

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the skill and knowledge to pass an all-position weld tests on plate to a nationally recognized code or standard.  Use current guidelines and safety precautions in all welding laboratory activities 
  • Demonstrate the ability to follow safety procedures and demonstrate ethical work habits consistent with industry standards. Apply appropriate safe work habits when operating oxy-fuel and arc-based welding equipment. Apply welding shop safety procedures in an industrial setting 
  • Contribute to achieving team goals. Apply communication skills in an industrial setting. Use terminology associated with welding to communicate effectively with co-workers, supervisors, customers, inspectors, engineers and vendors.
  • Demonstrate production-welding skills consistent with industry standards. Read blueprints, layout, and fabricate a weld to industry standards. Demonstrate the ability to reason and be creative. Demonstrate the ability to problem solve and think critically.

Certification Opportunities

Students will have the opportunity to receive the following external industry certifying examinations:

  • D1.1 American Welding Society (AWS) qualification test on mild steel plate in the 3G position (vertical up) and the 4G position (overhead) using the shielded metal arc and the gas metal arc welding processes.
  • Students with the required aptitude and proficiency will have the opportunity to seek other qualifications such as 6G pipe for example with instructor approval. (not included in student fees)

Career Opportunities

  • Gas-Tungsten Welder
  • Gas Metal Arc Welder
  • Production Line Welder
  • Pipe Welder
  • Maintenance Welder
  • Welding Fabricator
  • Welding Supervisor
  • Arc Welder
  • Welder Fitter
  • Welding Inspector