Automotive Collision Repair Program Receives Donation

on December 19, 2018

On December 4-5, Manhattan Keystone/LKQ Corp. managed by Chad Blockcolsky and representatives from Akzo Nobel donated a brand new paint mix system to the Automotive Collision Repair Program. Akzo Nobel donated a Lesonal solvent based mix system with all of the required toners, primers, clears, mix bank, computers, weight scale and a spectrophotometer so that the program will have everything it needs to mix and match colors on late model cars. The representatives also willingly contributed their time to training the instructor and students.  Linn Schroll, the Automotive Collision Repair instructor, was astonished by the donation and the support he received from Keystone/LKQ and Akzo Nobel. Mr. Schroll stated, “This will allow our students to use a high quality product to learn how to identify the correct color for the vehicle to be repaired, how to mix the paint, and how to properly apply the paint materials to the vehicle.”

Individuals pictured left to right: Jason Wall with Akzo, Jeff Russell with Akzo, Chad Blockcolsky with Keystone/LKQ, and Linn Schroll with Manhattan Tech.