Program Advisory Committees

Each program of study will have a Program Advisory Committee (PAC) or Business and Industry Leadership Team (BILT) to advise program faculty and administration concerning curriculum, student learning outcomes, facilities, instruction methods, equipment, enrollment, job opportunities, and other issues critical to the quality and success of technical education. The PAC/BILT role is to critically appraise and ultimately endorse strategic action plans. 

Role and Purpose

  • To provide advice and insight to the college concerning trends and needs of the employment community.
  • To review the program of study and learning outcomes needed by graduates to be employed in the field.
  • To serve as a communication link between the college and employment community.
  • To identify community resources that will help support or contribute to the success of the program.
  • To assist in recruitment, provide work-based learning opportunities, and assist in placing graduates with prospective employers.
  • To serve as field experts to the program by interacting with faculty and students.
  • To provide assessment of the curriculum and student learning outcomes.