ACCUPLACER Assessments

ACCUPLACER tests are used as part of the enrollment process at Manhattan Tech.  They test your knowledge of math, reading, and writing.  ACCUPLACER will be used along with your academic and career goals to assist with your enrollment.  They specifically assess your readiness for certain math and writing courses. 

COVID-19 Update:  ACCUPLACER is currently available to be administered on-campus in our student testing center.  Remote testing sessions using Zoom are available by request only, at this time.  Zoom sessions are treated just as if they are face-to-face in our testing center.  You must have a reliable webcam and microphone on your computer.  Please watch our page for updates or communicate with your advisor.

Scroll down to schedule your ACCUPLACER on-campus session.  To request an ACCUPLACER remote session, email  

Who Takes the ACCUPLACER?
If this is your first year at Manhattan Tech, or you are transferring here, then you may be required to take an ACCUPLACER assessment in order to complete your enrollment.  To learn about the admissions process please visit Admissions. 

If one of the following benchmarks has been met, then an ACCUPLACER assessment may not be necessary:

  • GED score of 165 or higher

  • Transfer Credit

  • Passed BUS120 & BUS125 with a grade of C or higher

  • Qualifying ACT, COMPASS, or previous ACCUPLACER score (within 3 years)

If you do not meet one of these benchmarks, then an ACCUPLACER assessment is required.  If you are unsure, please contact our Admissions Office at   
Keep the Following In Mind
  • Bring a valid photo ID.
  • Photo ID must be government-issued and not expired.
  • ACCUPLACER assessments are not timed.
  • The ACCUPLACER student prep materials are available to anyone.
  • You can retake any ACCUPLACER assessment.
  • ACCUPLACER assessments must be scheduled.
  • Before retaking, you may be required to participate in a prep course or to have completed relevant coursework.
  • There is a retest fee of $10.
  • A recommendation report is available after completion.
  • You are supplied with a pencil, paper, and a calculator if applicable.
  • Any accommodations requests should be done prior to the test date.  Failure to do so does not guarantee accommodations.
ACCUPLACER Student Prep Resources

To best prepare for your ACCUPLACER assessment, use the following weblink to access ACCUPLACER's student resources page, ACCUPLACER Student Resources.  Depending on which tests you are taking, you should focus on the Writing Sample Questions, Quantitative Reasoning/Algebra/Statistics Sample Questions, and Advanced Algebra/Functions Sample Questions

You can also register for the web-based Study App.  You can create an account and access it from any computer or supported browser. 

Let us know if you have other questions or need further assistance.

Schedule Your ACCUPLACER

ACCUPLACER assessments are typically scheduled on-campus.  Remote ACCUPLACER sessions are available on a case-by-case basis.  There is a $10 non-refundable fee for ACCUPLACER remote testing sessions.  Sessions fill up, so make sure to schedule as soon as possible.

On-Campus accuplacer

Remote Session Accuplacer 

All ACCUPLACER testing takes place in the Achievement Center of the Teaching & Learning Center.  Need help scheduling?  Look here for instructions on how to schedule your ACCUPLACER test. 

To contact the Teaching & Learning Center, or if you need assistance scheduling email

More information about ACCUPLACER is available online HERE.

Testing for Another College - Remote Voucher Testing

Manhattan Tech is also an ACCUPLACER remote testing site.  In order for a remote ACCUPLACER test to be given, you should contact the institution you are applying to and ask about ACCUPLACER remote testing.  A voucher for an ACCUPLACER remote test will be assigned.  There is a $20 testing fee required at our center for all ACCUPLACER remote voucher tests.  Canceled registrations are non-refundable.  


Look here for instructions on how to schedule your ACCUPLACER test.
More Information
For questions regarding the ACCUPLACER assessments or Manhattan Tech testing policies, contact the Teaching & Learning Center at or by calling 785.320.4584.
If you have taken an ACCUPLACER assessment with Manhattan Tech and need a report sent to another institution, complete the form found HERE