Instructor and Administrator Resources

Step 1: Contact Us 

We will work with you to find the courses that best suits the needs of your students. We will discuss instructor standards, partner expectations, and Manhattan Tech's responsibilities and resources. 

Step 2: Partner Meeting 

Manhattan Tech will set-up a meeting with the high school instructor and building administrator to determine which course(s) they would like to teach. Instructors must meet Manhattan Tech's guidelines and Higher Learning Commission instructor criteria to teach a college course. Applicants are reviewed by the Vice President of Academics and faculty to determine an instructor's eligibility to teach Manhattan Tech courses. 

Step 3: Meet with Faculty Liaison

High school instructors must meet with the Manhattan Tech faculty liaison during the Fall Adjunct In-Service and/or prior to teaching the course. Curriculum, learning outcomes, and assessments will be discussed. 

Step 4: Submit Application Materials

High school instructors must submit application materials to be approved to teach concurrent credit courses with Manhattan Tech. Instructors are required to submit the following documentation: 

Once application materials have been submitted, please allow 5-7 business days for processing. The Coordinator of Concurrent & Outreach Education will contact the instructor via email once all documentation has been reviewed by the VP of Academics.